Golf + Academics

IJGA Albatross Golf Academy promotes the philosophy of IJGA, USA to partner with aspiring golfers to create the pathways to be the best they can be by following “tried and tested” methods. IJGA’s aim is to nurture Student – Athlete of sound character who is academically strong as well as a robust and capable golfer. IJGA’s programs are Individual-based on student strengths and holistic, focusing on all areas of growth and development, promotes long-term athletic development and nurtures a growth mindset that is open to learn and grow.

We create a fact-based roadmap based not on opinion, but on sound evidence and data.

  • All round golf development – based on science, evidence, facts and individual assessment: all areas of athletic development – functionality, strength & conditioning, technical skill, mental strength, strategic on course skill and personal growth. Individual progressive charts will be maintained along with continuous evaluation and monitoring with analysis based feedback.
  • Training program – periodized schedule for skill enhancement.
  • Course management training.
  • Fitness -Strength & Conditioning - strength, mobility, stability and range of motion. Bio-mechanics, work load potential & management. Prevention of injuries and injury management
  • Mental Performance - classroom-based, on tee-mental training, tournament mental training and character building.
  • Tournament Strategy development.
  • Unlimited playing rights at Karma Golf Course and Driving range, unlimited balls at range.
  • Student coach ratio 6:1
  • Academics & Schooling – Bal Bharati School, Manesar (CBSE Board) or Open school.
  • Residential at the Albatross Villa – Karma Lakelands and includes all meals designed for athletes. Safe and secure environment.
  • Impart life skills, personality and leadership development.
  • Customized Club fitting with periodic review.
  • University Planning and Placement – USA.
  • SAT/TOEFL preparatory classes (optional- extra charge).
  • Customized six weeks Summer training – IJGA USA (including boarding/lodging/meals /logistics) with entry to a maximum four AJGA, HJGT, USGA tournaments in the US (including entry fees, local transportation/hotels) (optional – extra charge).
  • Playing right on other Golf courses in the vicinity like Classic Golf Course & Tarudhan Golf Course on concessional green fee basis.
  • Usage of Club facilities like Swimming Pool and Gym under supervision of adult instructor only.
  • Academy apparel like Branded Tee Shirt, Round necks and Jackets.
  • Branded Golf Bag.
  • Program price: contact team@albatrossgolfacademy.co.in for more details