Albatross is dedicated to promoting and developing junior golf across India and has been founded by parents of junior golfers in 2007.

The primary objective of Albatross Junior Tour is to promote junior golf in India by holding regular competitive tournaments in different age groups & holding training camps that would focus on physical fitness and mental toughness among junior golfers. This will help junior golfers in India develop their skills, abilities and temperament to handle competition and tournament pressure. We propose to take junior golf tournaments to regions and zones across India to enable more youngsters to participate in competitive golf and to also provide increased International exposure to maximum number of junior golfers.


Albatross Junior Tour India, also aims to create access to the sport to a junior audience through initiatives such as the introduction of an "E" Category (in2008) for junior golf players between the age of 6 to 7 years. (changed to 6 to 8 years August 2016 onwards)

We firmly believe that the future champions of Indian golf will emerge by providing opportunities and exposure to junior golfers by continually investing their development from age 6 year onwards.